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More often the sigmoid intestine (dolichosigma) and mesentery are lengthened. According to statistics, of all patients with constipation, 50% are diagnosed with dolichocolon during examination. The following types of pathology are distinguished.

Most experts consider colon elongation as a congenital anomaly. From the point of cheap essays online of the clinical principles of classification, this feature can be without clinical manifestations, or with impaired peristalsis of the colon, or be considered as dolichocolon with complications (volvulus, nodulation and intussusception). Due to the fact that the number of bends and loops increases, bowel movement becomes more difficult with normal motor function. Symptoms and signs of dolichocolon.

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There may be no specific clinical manifestations of dolichocolon; some patients complain of the absence of bowel movements for up to three days. Constipation is an indirect sign of dolichocolon. In this case, the accompanying symptoms are typical for stool retention.

When the intestinal mucosa is traumatized by solid feces, bloody discharge and mucus may appear. The foul odor of stool may indicate an inflammatory process and dysbacteriosis. As with any disorder in the gastrointestinal tract, the condition of the skin, hair and nails worsens, bad breath and seizures appear. If left untreated, a variety of skin reactions occur, including allergic ones. Many patients note an improvement in their well-being if they adhere to proper nutrition, regularly take essay writing, including for local treatment, and use cleansing enemas.

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Constipation with dolichocolon is permanent and is sometimes diagnosed from early childhood. Some patients consult a doctor only after chronic constipation gives way to diarrhea and/or unstable stools, and there are complaints about deterioration in health associated with increased flatulence, bloating, and gas retention. When collecting anamnesis, the doctor always pays attention to the duration of the pathological process. a short history of the disease may indicate a tumor process in the intestine or a stricture of inflammatory origin. There are a number of predisposing factors.

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Diseases with which differential diagnosis is often carried out. megacolon, tumor, Hirschsprung's disease, ulcerative or pseudomembranous colitis. These signs must be present for 3 months out of 12, sequence and continuity are not taken into account. If the patient has two or more symptoms, it is reasonable to conduct an examination to exclude or confirm intestinal dolichocolon. An elongated colon and at least one confirmed episode of volvulus, intussusception or nodulation is assessed as complicated dolichocolon.

When palpating, pay attention to buy essay online pain in the navel, left and lower abdomen, and flatulence. Associated inflammation is indicated by asymmetry, peritoneal symptoms, and limited participation of the abdomen in the act of breathing.

Laboratory tests for the diagnosis of dolichocolon are nonspecific; the diagnosis is established using instrumental examination. During the diagnostic search, specialist consultations may be necessary. surgeon, oncologist, gastroenterologist, proctologist, infectious disease specialist, endocrinologist and geneticist. If there are no clinical manifestations, conservative therapy or surgical treatment is not required. The patient should be informed about possible constipation in the future and typical complications.


To saveTo avoid problems with stool, you need to pay attention to your lifestyle and dietary habits, and stop taking medications that cause constipation. Additionally, treatment with drugs that increase the volume of stool is necessary. If necessary, the use of laxatives, enemas and drugs that improve intestinal motility is allowed. Surgical treatment is justified only if complications develop or are highly likely. Surgical correction is also used if there is no effect from conservative therapy or if it is intolerable.

To normalize the condition, first of all, pay attention to the diet for dolichocolon. Patients are advised to adhere to the following principles.

Regular, feasible physical activity and taking multivitamin complexes are required. It is important to create conditions for a calm visit to the toilet, without ignoring the urge to defecate. At the initial stage, preparations rich in dietary fiber are used. Phytomucil, microcrystalline cellulose, seaweed, bran. Positive results from diet therapy, these medications, and increased physical activity appear within a month. When the distal parts of the large intestine are dilated, the use of laxatives is combined with regular small-volume enemas. from 200 to 600 ml, as needed, every other day or 2-3 times a month.

In some patients, dietary fiber in combination with a high-slag diet does not bring relief, but provokes symptoms of flatulence and abdominal discomfort. In these cases, medications based on polyethylene glycol (Forlax) are used. For pain and increased gas formation, antispasmodics (Dicetel, Duspatalin) and Espumisan (Simethicone) are used.